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2. Shipment In (Inbound Shipments) (EN)

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1. Go to B2B site, and log into  

2. Select the “Shipment” button on your upper left.


3. Select the “Create New Shipment

Create New Shipment

4. Select your desired warehouse location. Either NJ or CA.  Afterwards, enter your product. (or you can select it from the dropdown list)

Select product

5. Add the QTY or if you need multiple SKUs, just repeat step 4.

  • Adding qty – enter qty under qty. and click “Next” on the bottom right.


6. On the next page, you will need to enter the “Shipping type” either Local/Ocean/Air.  “Ship to” one more time. (NJ/CA)

Shipment address

7. Enter the Tracking Number (if you don’t have one, just skip this step) and enter ETD and ETA below.

Tacking number

8. Enter carrier information and Total Weight (either Kg or lbs) and finally create a PO Number.

PO Number

9. Carton Information: 

  • Select box size & SKU and input SKU quantity. Add Carton. (Refer to Customer Carton menu for more info) 

10. Product and Carton Summary

  • Make sure the remaining quantity is 0
  • And Click the “Request Shipment Order” button. You will be able to see it on the Shipment in list.

11. Click the “Print Label” and print the label

13. Attach the label to the side of each box before shipping

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