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4. Shipment Out (Outbound) (EN)

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1. Click the “

Shipment Out” section under "Shipments" and then click “Create New Shipment"

Step 1

2. Select the warehouse your shipment will be shipped out from. And enter the product you will ship out.

Step 2

3. Add the QTY and If you need multiple SKUs, simply repeat the previous step (Step 2).

  • Adding qty – enter qty under “QTY”, and click “Next” on the bottom right.

Step 3

4. On the next page, you will need to enter the "Shipping Information" (Name, Company, Address) and click the “Save Shipping Address" button. If it is a pickup, you might not have to fill out every field.  Simply, select “It’s a pick up. I don't need an address

  • You can also look up previous addresses from the Address History button on the top right upper corner. (from past outbound shipments)
Step 4

5. On the next page, select the shipping type.  These options include:

  • Small Package
  • Less Than Truck Load (LTL)
  • Upload Your Label
  • Own Account
  • Pickup & Others (You can "Pick up" or choose your own shipping type, such as using our inhouse label service or use your own labels, etc...)

Step 5

6. Choose the carrier or service you’d like to use, and enter the "Ship By Date".

Step 6

7. Enter the "Customer PO Number".

Step 7

8. You may need to upload "Additional Inserts" (such as Labels, packing slips, inserts, etc...) to attach a file, select the "Choose file" button and select the related files from your computer.

Step 8

9. Finally, submit your request by selecting the “Request Shipment Order” button.  Note: your request will integrate automatically into the PNPLINE WMS system.

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